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This is a example application, some fields can be left blank (it'll say "This field is not required" in the application), however, giving us more information, might make the difference between getting a trial or not.

Mog Knight


Additional Info about playtime.

I'll have to leave some events early due to work every 2 weeks, other than that I'll be able to be at events without any restrictions.

Main Job


2nd Main


Previous experiences in FFXIV.
I've cleared almost all content since the release of FFXIV, including 17m speed runs which i've done mostly on DRG.
I also tanked 17m AV and CC a few times but most of my tanking experience comes from Garuda fights.

I'm currently on Ifrit Extreme for my relic, Gae Bolg, where I got past the 3rd Hellfire several times.
I've been helping with several Relic Faction-leves as well, so I'm used to clearing those.

Previous experiences in other MMOs

I've played FFXI and WoW for several years, in FFXI I had experience with Dynamis, HNMs/Sea/… etc, I quit after Wings of the Goddess was released since I started to lose interest.

Previous LSs/Free Companies, and why did you leave them?
I've been in "LS X" on Kashuan, due to their events being at 2:00 am for me I decided to leave in order to do endgame at better times.

Which aspects drew you to your main job?
I've been a DRG in FFXI, while DRG in XIV is completely different, i choose to play them again, and eventually grew attached to XIV's version.

I usually prefer Pet Job's for my main, so I might main SMN in ARR after trying it out.

You are required to listen to instructions from our officer in certain conditions, How do you play under pressure?
I'm used to playing under pressure, and listening to officer as well as adapting to strategies is no problem for me.

Did you read our rules and are you ok with them?

We use Raidcall for Voice chat during events, are you ok with getting it?

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